über: winde dich

how to learn and re-learn about ourselves?
how to understand our relations to the people around?
how to bring past present and future together

and finally forget about all that?
                                                                                                 .   move consciously     


              I'm Lisa Gaden, a berlin based movement-artist, who is constantly searching for new channels of expression. While bringing together visual art and dance
              through an embodied translation of my paintings, I realized the huge impact of having visual sources as a starting point for free movement -
              You overcome your movement-habits and you are encouraged to dive into your own bodylanguage, disregarding the control of the head. Especially the work
              with non-dancers showed me, how much therapeutic potential is lying in this process.

              A moving body is a moving mind.

             With this awareness I turned toward bodytherapy, focusing on a psychosomatic (or more precisely "somatopsychic") level. The connective tissue/fascia, our
             organ of perception, is literally holding us together - first of all in a physical way but at the same time it's maintaining our emotions. For me, bodily movement
             and mental experience always go together. This is what affects my therapeutic work as much as my art.