über: winde dich


Tableaux Vivantes . Tragedy of everyday-consumerism

                              I'm caught by the human behavior in public spaces. The philosopher Robert Pfaller is dealing with the "symbolic order" in society.
                               Refering to his texts I tried to play with the relation between audience and performer, playing with expectation, playing with habits
and most important: with transforming through wearing masks.
Are we hiding our selfes in daily life? Are we showing off or is it just natural to celebrate the artifcial?




Read Ink

                        Six Inkpaintings that I made have been the source of a intense movementresearch and the inspiration and chance to go beyond certain movement habits.
Read Ink is a hybrid between performance and exhibition which communicates to the audience in a very direct way.
It's a invitation. It's a game. It's a translation from ink to the body and into music.
        While six dancers interpret the paintings with their movement, six musicians react on their bodily expression.
         What fascinates me about this kind of translation is, that material is getting enriched instead of losing content
like it happens in most of the transaltionprocesses that sourround us.



¡¿Was du siehst? Das dich bewegt?!

     Duet with Roland Walter. How do we see each other? How do we get close, how do we get along with each other?
      What connects us and what's dividing? The marvelous and miraculous aswell as challenging encounter with our (dis)abilities.




Diptera . the flies they fly as they fly when they fly .

"Tell me little fly, why are you so annoying?" - You are everywhere, you wanne tell me so many things, you are a flood of information but without any weight. So so light. Nothing to carry, nothing to remember but it crawls and tickles on my skin. If I give myself to this ease, I only survive a few weeks or days.