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With the awareness of conscious movement I turned from dancing towards body therapy,
focusing on a psychosomatic (or more precisely 'somatopsychic') level. For me, bodily movement, emotional experiences and mental activity are in a mutual relation. A moving body is a moving mind. So naturally this also affects my bodywork, called Shen Dao, that I learned with Dr. Achim Eckert, who combines Traditional Chinese medicine (Acupressure) and fascial work (Structural Integration). The connective tissue (fascia), our organ of perception, is literally holding us together - first of all in a physical way, because without this tissue we would fall apart, but at the same time it's maintaining our emotions. Everything is captured in the fascia. So working with these structures often brings up memories and feelings, which we tried to repress for several years. At the same time this method is also appropriate to get along with acute as well as chronic physical discomforts (e.g. back pain, headache, toothache, sleep disturbance, menstrual cramps, hyperactivity, stress, asthma and digestion difficulties). It informs the body with concrete impulses through the skin, in order to reorganize and even cure itself.

Shen Dao integrates the Fascia Work into the eastern understanding of the Meridian System. Therefore it's also functioning on an energetic level – bringing the plus of energy into the lack, removing the dis-balance of Yin and Yang and dissolving energetic blocks. Meridians are running through the connective tissue, like energetic channels. As a matter of fact, a tensed tissue tonus is retarding the natural flow of energy in our body. A lack of energy again leads to an uncomfortable state of being. It influences us physically, mentally as well as emotionally. So Shen Dao aims to create space in the fascial structure in order to support the whole being in its possibilities to re-balance itself.

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En la medicina china el cuerpo y la mente son inseparables. Por eso las emociones, al igual que las funciones mentales tienen se originan en los órganos internos. - Cada órgano se conecta con un meridiano y el flujo de la energía vital (Qí) en cada meridianos decide fundamentalmente sobre nuestro bienestar físico y mental. Cuando la vida cotidiana se caracterizado por el estrés y el trajin surgen bloqueos que nos afectan de forma negativa. Por lo tanto el masaje de meridianos y la acupuntura tienen un efecto integral en nuestra salud, la vida física y en la psique. De esta manera, todos los procesos inconscientes y reprimidos, que causan bloqueos energéticos, pueden aflorar a la consciencia y así resolverse.